Our Broadleaf™ design, is constructed to last a Lifetime. With Modern Technology and Master Craftmanship we provide an exceptional value for your Lifetime investment.

High Quality Poly Resin Shutters

Our Poly Resin Shutter is unlike any on the market. It looks like wood, even feels like wood. Our material is easy to clean and maintain, is very durable, is moisture proof, fire retardant, anti microbial, will not fade, crack, peel, yellow or warp.

We use Mortise and Tenon construction. (This is the method of joining the top and bottom rail to the stile.) This method is guaranteed to never sag. We go to panel widths of 36" wide (most consumers pursuing new home construction want wide panels that allow better view through and light control.) We use hidden magnets, more aesthetically pleasing than exposed magnets, they also last forever. Exposed magnets are guaranteed to fail. We use a German engineered staple process that is guaranteed to never pull out.

We offer the only Lifetime, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, consumer assurance guarantee, along with a TRANSFERABLE lifetime manufacturer warranty!